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Wall  of Bricks

Tr. Red Flat Tile 1X1, Round

Pick-A-Brick Availability

Current Availability

StoreDate Added
Toronto, ON2016-11-04
Victor, NY2016-05-11
Orland Park, IL2016-04-13
Peabody, MA2015-12-15
West Hartford, CT2015-11-27
Woodland Hills, CA2015-10-12
Newark, DE2015-07-30
Houston, TX2015-07-20

Past Availability

StoreDate AddedDate Removed
Fairview Mall Toronto, ON2016-10-222016-10-22
Indianapolis, IN2016-09-032017-08-05
Santa Clara, CA2016-03-122017-04-13
Nashville, TN2016-01-252016-03-03
Las Vegas, NV2016-01-092016-05-05
Des Peres, MO2015-12-282016-01-30
Nashville, TN2015-11-202016-01-25
Tigard, OR2015-08-092016-05-09
Nashville, TN2015-07-292015-11-20
Surrey, BC2015-07-152016-01-16
Tigard, OR2015-07-042015-08-10
Bellevue, WA2015-07-032016-07-26

Online Availability

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$0.0330newGenteel Frog, US
$0.03100newPolybags & More, BE
$0.031194newBrock's Bricks, US
$0.0339newDoktor Brick, DE
$0.03385newBrickshop UK, GB
$0.046738newcuboidCORP, US
$0.04105newSarbricks, DK
$0.0427newThe Brick Mill, US
$0.0412newBrick Barn, US
$0.056newBricks-2-Plates, US
$0.0558newLack of Bricks, US
$0.0521newBrickman4you, US
$0.05304newJust Brix, NL
$0.06191newFarai - Cheap Shipping!, NL
$0.06270newEverything But the Kragle, US
$0.0655newWisebricks, US
$0.06642newHoosier Brick and Toy LLC, US
$0.06127newAll About the Minifigs, US
$0.062newHideaway Designz, US
$0.062newScooter's Bricks, US
$0.06149newBricknation Toys, GB
$0.06135newCreative Technic, GB
$0.06542newBricks by Fans, US
$0.0679newChewblocka's, US
$0.06117newGinial Collectibles, US
$0.07223newLaconic Bricks LLC, US
$0.0730newManiac Bricks, US
$0.0714newB-Teknik, FR
$0.07439newConstructibles LLC, US
$0.0734newFooBricks, US
$0.0721newLuxbrick, LU
$0.072053newBricks Anywhere, US
$0.08231newbizzybricks, DE
$0.08108newbudgetbricks-lossestenen, NL
$0.0823newMost Plated, GB
$0.089newALBO BRICKS, GB
$0.0915newStellar Bricks, ES
$0.0977newMarshall Computers, AU
$0.0975newAM Bricks, AU
$0.0946newVenice Bricks, US
$0.09104newJEA Bricks Store, US
$0.1020newAnderson Bricks, US
$0.1037newBricks Space, IT
$0.105newGargodong, SK
$0.1014newOnce.more.into.the.brick, GB
$0.101000newLEGO Online PaB, US
$0.10141newShawn's Bricks, US
$0.1094newBrick Beaver, GB
$0.108newBrick and Mix, GB
$0.103newAnother Brick In The Wall, GB
$0.106newMrMason, US
$0.104newBrick Your Dream, PL
$0.1187newBienvenue chez les bricks, FR
$0.129newBadger's Bricks, GB
$0.127newBrick-after-brick, GB
$0.1222newTFM Store, DE
$0.12402newA BRICK TOO FAR..., US
$0.1311newBrickSheep, IE
$0.1367newBrick Squad, US
$0.1362newSuperBrick, CA
$0.1324newBrienBricks, GB
$0.1318newWarehouse Hanger 51, GB
$0.202newTrainfan's Engine Shed, AU
$0.525newBrick-A-Lot, GB
$0.61202newLittle Big Store, CZ
$0.031usedBarron Bricks, US
$0.057usedCreative Technic, GB
$0.061usedSetApartBricks, US
$0.064usedBrick Your Dream, PL
$0.072usedVenice Bricks, US
$0.075usedKazan Bricks, RU
$0.122usedBadger's Bricks, GB

Sets With This Brick

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